In the meantime, almost a year has passed since I started at Xquisit.
And it was a year that could count. Exciting anyway, but also learned a lot and above all fun!
After almost 13 years in the maritime sector, this was something completely new, which was quite an adventure. For me it started with the basics, namely learning to read the CVs, in order to become determined and step by step through the world of IT, as well as the Xquisit world.
I learned a lot in this learning process and also discovered for myself which aspects appeal to me the most. Within our team, I was then also given the opportunity to focus on these matters and to continue to grow in them.
For example, a few months ago I made the choice to fully focus my arrows on the position of IT recruiter and to fully immerse myself in this. The extra time I spent at Xquisit in the beginning reading CVs carefully in order to understand them as well as possible is now an absolute added value in the daily selection process.
I also realize very well that the essence is not screening people and trying to place them somewhere as soon as possible, it is more than that. We talk to a candidate, try to figure out how this person works, and then we look for the right place for them. The same applies to our customers: we look for the right colleague, not only on paper, but we are also always looking for that personal click. In this way we get a win-win for everyone, and what more do we want than for everyone to have a job where they find their happiness? After all, we still spend most of our day here.
Outside of work I am someone who likes to do the fun things in life: good food, meeting friends and of course spending time with my daughter, who is almost 10, our dog Fran and of course also with my husband.
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