Business Analyst



The Business Analyst optimizes the business value by designing the insights/concepts and solutions for existing as well as future challenges/questions and/or business needs, by bringing the opportunities for improvement forward and by building the bridge between the business and the technical department.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Analyzes business needs/challenges and/or questions.
    • Together with customers and stakeholders proactively gathers the questions, issues and/or opportunities. Analyses the requirements and the impact thereof on existing processes, systems and tools. Inventarizes, challenges and summarises the business questions, requirements and improvement opportunities. Delivers the input for the value proposition and/or business case and/or decision making.
  • Determines and facilitates the solution direction.
    • Together with architects and technical teams, examines and analyzes possible solution directions and determines the impact (or risk) on the organisation, cost, existing processes, systems and tools (within one's own business domain as well as the interfaces) in order to ensure effective business execution and provide recommendations for improvement. Facilitates the final choice for a solution (strategic and operational decision taking).
  • Documents of the chosen solution. Ensures the quality and full legal compliance. Explainins these elements to the technical teams for the impementation of the solution.
    • Describes the chosen solution direction (business requirements, user stories, etc.) and aligns it (and has it validated) with the business stakeholders. Develops and maintains coherent business processes and/or data and/or business requirements documentation or procedures (and/or training materials).
  • Determines the acceptance criteria and accepts the End-to-End total solution in cooperation with the stakeholders and afterwards guides/coaches them for the correct execution of required actions/activities/change management. If applicable, this also means testing of the solution.
  • Act as a point of contact and domain expert for internal stakeholders as well as external partners and/or vendors/suppliers. Organises the knowledge administration and manages the consistent documentation for this business domain.
  • Provides and/or consolidates the factual and/or statistical information and/or analyses to support operational and strategic decision making

Business Expertise

  • Strong knowledge of the company's strategy and of the business domain in particular. Able to understand the challenges/impact of this strategy on the current situation.
  • Strong knowledge of business processes, good understanding of the company's structure, strategy and products, culture and business environment
  • Strong analytical skills with a problem-solving approach.
  • Can convert theoretical knowledge into practice based on business analysis
  • Technical (or IT) affinity and experience
  • Relevant experience with process modeling, management and documentation
  • Conceptual thinking.
  • Development of business cases.
  • Good communication skills & stakeholder management skills.
  • Knowledge of industry best-practices / market standards


Problem solving

  • Understand and guards of the operating model, the established processes and/or information (data); proposing, planning and implemsenting process improvement points
  • Has the ability to define/formulate a complex matter for a wide audience.
  • Maps and understands/monitors the impact of "changes" on the business organization and on the customer journey (customer experience).
  • Guides the decisions and documents the possible solution alternatives.
  • Proposes and documents key changes to improve the operational excellence in the department.
  • Design thinking / out of the box thinking to explore directions for solutions.
  • Resolves various ad hoc analyse questions
  • Provides the information for the creation of a business case
  • Anticipates and identify the issues, risks, suggestions for improvements and opportunities
  • Closely collaborates with all stakehoklders and other departments.
  • Works according to the right priorities and in an entrepreneurial way.


nature & area of impact

  • Analyses and gathers the business needs/challenges and/or questions as well as explores possible solution directions.
  • Provides advice and input for decision making. Determines and facilitates the solution direction (strategic and operational decision making).
  • Ensures quality and full legal compliance.
  • Provides direct and indirect support to the management of all departments involved in order to implement the
  • challenges/changes in day-to-day activities.
  • Acts as a “bridge” between the different stakeholders (internal/external) and/or departments.
  • Acts as expert/point of contact.
  • Has direct and indirect impact on the efficiency, effectiveness and innovation/expansion of the company.

interactions/ interpersonal skills

  • Interacts with management and colleagues, other departments and external parties, vendors, etc.
  • Is able to persuade and reach concensus and support.
  • Is able to communicate and share knowledge with all levels of the organisation and is able to discuss and clearly define/formulate the aspects of the subject adjusting the content towards the interlocutor.
  • Customer focus
  • Builds and maintain a network of internal and external contacts.Acts as a “bridge” between various stakeholders and if applicable also point of contact for the auditors.
  • Gives clear presentations.
  • Good social skills
  • Actively coaches the peers.


  • Master, Bachelor or Engineering graduation
  • 5 years of relevant experience
  • Nice to have:
    • Knowledge of the Telecom sector


  • For us you are not merely a number, we are passionate about the personal and human approach. 100% honest communication is also typically Xquisit!
  • We value your talent, skills and effort. This means we will always go the extra mile to ensure that you feel comfortable at your job and that you feel at home, both at Xquisit and at the client.
  • The possibility to develop yourself professionally is priceless. That’s why following training programs, attending courses, obtaining certificates, … are always an option open for discussion.
  • Employees on our payroll are offered an attractive benefits package, including a competitive salary, a company car, hospitalisation and group insurance, 12 extra days off (ADV) and more.
  • You are always welcome in our office in the peaceful greenery of Brasschaat and we regularly organise events for members of the Xquisit family!