Portfolio Manager (coordinator)


We expect a portfolio coordinator to ...
1) Support in the translation of the tactical roadmap to the project portfolio roadmap
2) Steer the project managers in the realisation the portfolio roadmap
3) Guard the effective and efficient realisation of project portfolio roadmap and approach with attention to a good balance between the following aspects:


  • Architectural choices
  • Delivery cadence
  • Available resources
  • Benefits to fulfil
  • Impact of the changes (people side of change)

4) Monitor and manage the project portfolio roadmap
5) Set-up the necessary governance for the follow-up of the portfolio(s)

Responsibilities and main tasks
1. Actively support in the set-up of the project portfolio roadmap so the projects can be realized in een efficient & effective way.
a. Collaborate in the set-up of a project portfolio roadmap from the view-point of realization
b. Guard the completeness of the outcome of the tactical work
c. Be the bridge between the tactical and operational activities (= projects)

2. Actively manage, monitor and guard the project portfolio view so the project portfolio roadmap is successfully realized.
a. Manage the project portfolio roadmap in alignment with the tactical support team, including clear milestones and pro-actief resource demand management
b. Actively go in interaction with the domains/ OUs in terms of realizing their projects under their responsibility with dependencies the project portfolio roadmap
c. Pro-actively guard the dependencies required on project portfolio level
d. Actively guard and manage the bottom-up idea’s and project inflow and where necessary transfer to the tactical level, with the support of the tactical support team
e. Encourage  the timely initiation of projects with the necessary transfer of knowledge to guarantee the realization of the roadmap
f. Steer and monitor that all project portfolio management processes (such as change management, risk en issue management,…milestone management, dependency management, resource management) are implemented correctly
g. Monitor & anticipate on the external environmental factors (*)and the lessons learned that could have an impact on the project portfolio roadmap
h. Monitor, and adjust if necessary, the progress in the realisation of the project portfolio roadmap

3. Steering the project portfolio and the related projects in line with the tactical plan and the guidelines at the group so that the projects and the related benefits are realized within time and cost.
a. Steer, support and follow-up the project managers active on the portfolio
b. Promote and guard the P3-methodology
c. Ensure and where necessary involve the tactical support team, we monitor the quality of the project deliverables (gate reviews)
d. Draw up, manage and improve all deliverables linked to managing the project portfolio in line with the group guidelines

4. Proactive and transparent reporting on the portfolio roadmap status to the ‘BUM’ and related direction, and steer that the necessary decisions are made by the right stakeholders in time, so that the realisation of the project portfolio roadmap can be guaranteed in an aligned manner.
a. Transparently report on the status & progress of the project portfolio roadmap to the BUM
b. Prepare the project portfolio committee
c. Steer that the necessary decisions are made in time and monitor that the defined approval flows are applied in obtaining theces decisions
d. Escalate deviations from the given scope, delivery on time, expected quality and baseline including possible solutions, to the BUM

5. Actively and constructively inform and collaborate with the tactical support team so the full expertise can be used to enable the achievement of the project portfolio.
a. Transparently inform on the status & progress of the project portfolio roadmap to the tactical support team
b. Actively collaborating to achieve the objectives of the tactical plan, for example by sharing expertise
c. Giving feedback & challenging the other knowledge domains
d. Accepting feedback within my responsibility

6. Collaborating on the development of “portfolio operations” by sharing experiences and suggestions within the group (with colleagues Portfolio Coordinator (On the PfCo Community or individually), Roadmap Coordinator and with 'tactical working & business change' VAKarea), so that I learn from and assist with the further expansion and development of roadmap coordination at the group
a. Actively giving & asking best practices and lessons learned within the community


  • For us you are not merely a number, we are passionate about the personal and human approach. 100% honest communication is also typically Xquisit!
  • We value your talent, skills and effort. This means we will always go the extra mile to ensure that you feel comfortable at your job and that you feel at home, both at Xquisit and at the client.
  • The possibility to develop yourself professionally is priceless. That’s why following training programs, attending courses, obtaining certificates, … are always an option open for discussion.
  • Employees on our payroll are offered an attractive benefits package, including a competitive salary, a company car, hospitalisation and group insurance, 12 extra days off (ADV) and more.
  • You are always welcome in our office in the peaceful greenery of Brasschaat and we regularly organise events for members of the Xquisit family!

Portfolio Manager (coordinator)

Locatie Vlaams-Brabant
Duur Langdurig Project
Dienstverband Freelance
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